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1st WorldbeerathoN BIG success!


The 1st WorldbeerathoN RoadShow has finished, the media campaign is drawing to a close and we’re pleased to say that it’s been a big success, certainly proving the point that there’s a real thirst to learn more about our A·B·C’s.

We visited 25 top A·B·C Tesco Extras & directly engaged with ¼ million+ consumers in Nov/Dec, distributing 150k perfect-serve A·B·C samples. In fact there was such a demand that we’re doing it all again in April/May; so watch out!


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Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink in the world overall, cider is also extremely popular worldwide, but Ales Beers & Ciders aren't just popular, they’re also fun, yet really confusing!


After all according to the Oxford Bottled Beer database there are over 3,100 different bottled beers in the world and also around 1,900 bottled ciders available! Even in the UK there are over 500 different bottled ales and over 230 bottled ciders, so how on earth are you supposed to know what you like!


Yes it’s difficult, but WorldbeerathoN is here to help; we’re going to help guide you through the arena of ales, the warren of world beers and the confusion of ciders and what’s more we’re going to make it simple and fun, so enjoy!


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Premium Bottled Ales, World Beers & Classic Ciders!

Premium Bottled Ales, World Beers & Classic Ciders are sold all over the UK in your local supermarkets, corner stores and pubs, there’s a great choice and a great diversity, so just how do you decide what’s your favourite? Regional, local - national, international - dark, light - hoppy, malty - aerated, flat - appley or … well read through our pages, or come along to our unique in-store RoadShows at Tesco Extras across the South & Midlands and we’ll help you decide!